The Cloudlogic Experience

As an industry-leading cloud solutions provider and Microsoft Gold Partner, Cloudlogic excels at developing ground-breaking cloud-based solutions and services that solve complex business problems while simplifying your life. By letting us do what we do best, you can get on with doing what you do best, secure in the knowledge that we’re with you every step of the way.

Where We Come From

Just like you, we had places to go, but significant challenges to overcome before we got there. We began our journey by implementing and supporting the digital transformation of our parent company, a leading South African outbound sales centre. Through the years, greater challenges emerged as the business continued its upward trajectory, and we overcame them every single time while streamlining operations and reducing expenditure in the process. This is what sparked our “light bulb” moment. It occurred to us that if we could solve such critical business problems and effect positive change in our own backyard, we could do the same for businesses like yours.

    Lawrance Reddy, Cloudlogic’s Technical Director and the first ever South African with 'Microsoft MVP for Azure' status, firmly believes that “clients should get the most out of their IT investments and actually see the difference it makes.”

    Meet the Team

    Our team is more than just a group of experts who spend each day with their heads in the cloud. We are passionate about transforming the way people work and overcoming the toughest challenges faced by businesses. You could say we make molehills out of mountains, because we’re fearless when it comes to pushing the boundaries of digital technology so that it works for you.
    Sven Steenfeldt-Kristensen


    Chief Executive Officer

    Sven devises the overall vision of Cloudlogic and the strategies that drive the company toward their goals. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in New Zealand and has a background in business development in the United Kingdom. This broader worldview fuels Sven’s ability to see the bigger picture and think outside the box.


    Chief Operating Officer

    Adam is responsible for executing the vision of Cloudlogic by managing all the moving parts of the business. He has a strong focus on empowering the team to develop solutions that simultaneously enhance businesses and customer experiences. Adam is passionate about blazing trails, so it’s no surprise that he spends his downtime cycling, mountain biking and road running.


    Financial Director

    Trevor is a qualified Chartered Accountant who expertly manages the company finances. He is also treasurer of the office swear jar. As a caravanning enthusiast, Trevor is quite adept at steering large vehicles to their desired destinations, and has put Cloudlogic on a sound financial road to success.


    Technical Director & Evangelist

    Lawrance has over 20 years of experience delivering customer solutions in over 34 countries using Microsoft technologies. His focus is delivering world-class solutions using minimal infrastructure to create maximum business agility and value for customers. His core principles are “absolute”, “extreme”, “commitment” and “customer-centric”.

    Dos Reis

    Customer Service Manager

    Daniel is a people-pleaser, always finding creative ways to offer superior service and support to our valued customers. His talent as a musician definitely helps him to maintain harmony when managing his 24/7 customer support team while consistently striking a perfect chord with clients.


    Business Development Manager

    Lance manages the sales and CRM teams with a healthy dose of motivation and aligns their vision through sound strategic planning. It’s never a question of the chicken or the egg with Lance, as he firmly believes that Cloudlogic’s success lies in delivering solutions that meet actual customer needs instead of perceived needs.


    Client Relationship & Channel Partner Manager

    Brett manages strategic partnerships to ensure growth and enhanced customer experiences. He manages the needs of our valued clients and aligns solutions with both their current and future plans. Given his love for travel and adventure, it’s no surprise that Brett thrives on pushing the boundaries to achieve remarkable results for clients.


    Group Marketing Manager

    Tara is responsible for all things marketing and oversees the growth of the Cloudlogic brand. She relishes every opportunity to showcase Cloudlogic’s ground-breaking work to the world. Tara’s expertise in connecting with people from all walks of life stems from her love of travel and embracing global cultures, not to mention their cuisine.


    Software Development Manager

    Kiro is responsible for the development of our SaaS products and getting them ready for the marketplace. Being a die-hard Liverpool FC supporter, Kiro knows that it takes dedication and team spirit to rise to the top of the league, so he takes every opportunity to cultivate these qualities in his global team of developers.

    Where We’re Going

    We’re all about the bigger picture. We will continue to develop ground-breaking digital solutions to transform businesses and the lives of everyone they touch. At Cloudlogic, our philosophy is that technology should be a bridge to your destination, not a barrier. Are you ready to transform your business?

    Our Parent Company

    Cloudlogic is proudly owned by Rewardsco Investments, which manages a portfolio of industry leading businesses in the sectors of outsourced sales and distribution, telecommunications, fintech, mobile broadband and IT.

    Learn more about Rewardsco Investments.

    Work for Cloudlogic

    Are you an IT professional that is passionate about using digital technology to solve complex challenges and change the way businesses operate? If the answer is a resounding “Yes”, we may have a place in our cloud just for you.
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